The langues d'oïl are a dialect continuum that includes standard French and its closest autochthonous relatives historically spoken in the northern half of France, southern Belgium, and the Channel Islands. These belong to the larger category of Gallo-Romance languages.

These dialects can be divided into 5 dialect groups:

Zone Francique[edit | edit source]

  • Picard
  • Walloon
  • Lorrain
  • Northern Norman (spoken north of the Joret line): including Anglo-Norman; Dgèrnésiais (spoken in Guernsey), Jèrriais (spoken in Jersey), Auregnais (spoken in Alderney), Sercquiais (spoken in Sark)
  • Eastern Champenois

Zone Francienne[edit | edit source]

Non-standard varieties:

  • Orléanais
  • Tourangeau, not to be confused with the French language in Touraine
  • Berrichon
  • Bourbonnais
  • Western Champenois (or Eastern Francien)

Zone Burgonde[edit | edit source]

  • Bourguignon
  • Franc-Comtois

Zone Armoricaine[edit | edit source]

  • Eastern Armorican: Angevin; Mayennais; Manceau (Sarthois and Percheron); Southern Norman (spoken south of the Joret line)
  • Western Armorican: Gallo

Zone Poitevin-Saintongeaise[edit | edit source]

  • Poitevin
  • Saintongeais

Ressources[edit | edit source]

Angevin[edit | edit source]'Anjou

Berrichon[edit | edit source]

Bourbonnais[edit | edit source]

Bourguignon[edit | edit source]

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