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Malay is an Austronesian language primarily spoken in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It has about 75 Millions native speakers and at least 100 Million L2 speakers, mostly in South-East Asia. Although Malay and Indonesian are "considered" to be two different languages, there's so few differences between them that you can learn one and almost perfectly understand the other. For simplicity's sake, though, from now on the two languages shall be referred together as "Malay" unless otherwise noted.


Despite the huge population of Malay speakers, there are few resources on Malay or Indonesian (not even FSI has a course on either language). So once you're past the beginner phase, you're kind of on your own.


  • It is listed as Indonesian.
  • Recommended as an adjacent learning tool.
  • Not recommended as the only learning tool.
  • Mostly a beginner's tool.
  • Free (there are paid features, but

Alphabet and Spelling[]

Malay uses a variant of the Latin Script.