This is a list of all the languages that have a dedicated page on the wiki. Page statuses:

Empty: Page literally contains no information

Stub:Page is very short and contains little information

Short: Page contains a fair bit of information, but is short.

Resource only: Page lists a lot of resources, but gives no information about the language itself

Fleshed out: Page contains information on every aspect of the language

Language Language Family No. Native Speakers Page status
Afrikaans Germanic 7 Million Fleshed out
Arabic Semitic 280 Million Resource-only


Celtic 210 Thousand Short
Bulgarian Slavic 6.8 million Stub
Calconian Conlang 1 Stub
Cornish Celtic 600 Resource-only
Catalan Romance 5 million Short
Danish Germanic 6 Million Resource-only
Dari Iranian 13 Million


Dutch Germanic 23 Million Fleshed out
English Germanic 400 Million Short


Conlang - Short
Estonian Finno-Ugric 1 Million Short
Faroese Germanic 50 thousand Stub
Filipino Austronesian 28 Million Stub
Finnish Finno-Ugric 6 Million Fleshed Out
French Romance 77 Million Resource-only
German Germanic 90-100 Million Fleshed out
Greek Hellenic 10 Million Resource-only
Hebrew Semitic/conlang 5 Million Resource-only
Hungarian Finno-Ugric 15 Million Fleshed out
Icelandic Germanic 300 Thousand Fleshed out
Italian Romance 65 Million Fleshed out
Irish Celtic 75 thousand Resource-Only
Japanese Japonic 120 Million Fleshed out
Korean Koreanic 77 Million Short
Latin Romance None (extinct) Short
Latvian Baltic 2 Million Short
Lithuanian Baltic 3 Million Stub
Mandarin Chinese Sinitic 1 Billion Fleshed out
Manx Celtic None Short
Norwegian Germanic 6 Million Resource-only
Old English Germanic None (extinct) Short
Pashto Iranian 50-60 Million Stub
Persian Iranian 60-110 Million Short
Polish Slavic 55 Million Fleshed out
Portuguese Romance 220 Million Resource-only
Romanian Romance 25 Million Resource-only
Russian Slavic 155 Million Resource-only
Scots Germanic Short
Scottish Gaelic Celtic ~50 thousand Short
Serbo-Croatian Slavic 19 Million Fleshed out
Slovene Slavic 2.5 million Short
Spanish Romance 480 Million Fleshed out
Swedish Germanic 9 Million Resource-only
Turkish Turkic 83 Million Short
Ukrainian Slavic 45 Million Stub
Welsh Celtic 500 thousand Stub
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