The Official /int/ How to Learn A Foreign Language Guide Wiki

This is a list of all the languages that have a dedicated page on the wiki. Page statuses:

Empty: Page contains little information and is made up of a few sentences or less.

Stub: Page is quite short, and only covers some basics about the language.

Short: Page contains a fair bit of information, but is short.

Resource-only: Page lists a lot of resources from which to learn the language, but gives little information about the language itself

Fleshed out: Page contains information on most aspects of the language including, the phonology, grammar, learning resources and ideally lists some culture as well.

Language Language Family No. Native Speakers Page status
Afrikaans Germanic 7 Million Fleshed out
Arabic Semitic 280 Million Resource-only


Celtic 210 Thousand Fleshed out
Bulgarian Slavic 6.8 million Stub
Catalan Romance 5 million Short
Cornish Celtic 600 Resource-only
Cree Algonquian 100 thousand Short
Danish Germanic 6 Million Resource-only
Dari Iranian 13 Million Stub
Dutch Germanic 23 Million Fleshed out
English Germanic 400 Million Short


Conlang - Short
Estonian Finno-Ugric 1 Million Short
Faroese Germanic 50 thousand Stub
Filipino Austronesian 28 Million Short
Finnish Finno-Ugric 6 Million Fleshed Out
French Romance 77 Million Fleshed Out
German Germanic 90-100 Million Fleshed out
Greek Hellenic 10 Million Resource-only
Greek(Ancient) Hellenic None(extinct) Empty
Hebrew Semitic/conlang 5 Million Resource-only
Hindustani Indo-Aryan 250 Million Fleshed out (Hindi)
Stub (Urdu)
Hungarian Finno-Ugric 15 Million Fleshed out
Icelandic Germanic 300 Thousand Fleshed out
Italian Romance 65 Million Fleshed out
Irish Celtic 75 thousand Fleshed Out
Japanese Japonic 120 Million Fleshed out
Korean Koreanic 77 Million Short
Latin Romance None (extinct) Short
Latvian Baltic 2 Million Short
Lithuanian Baltic 3 Million Stub
Malay Austronesian 75 Million Stub
Mandarin Chinese Sinitic 1 Billion Fleshed out
Manx Celtic None Short
Mongolian Mongolic 5.2 Million Empty
Norwegian Germanic 6 Million Resource-only
Occitan Romance A few hundred thousands Resource-Only
Oïl dialects Romance Around 2 Million Resource-only
Old English Germanic None (extinct) Short
Pashto Iranian 50-60 Million Stub
Persian Iranian 60-110 Million Short
Polish Slavic 55 Million Fleshed out
Portuguese Romance 220 Million Fleshed Out
Romanian Romance 25 Million Resource-only
Russian Slavic 155 Million Resource-only
Sanskrit Indo-Aryan None(Extinct) Empty
Sardinian Romance 1,35 Million Fleshed Out
Scots Germanic Short
Scottish Gaelic Celtic ~50 thousand Short
Serbo-Croatian Slavic 19 Million Fleshed out
Slovene Slavic 2.5 million Short
Spanish Romance 480 Million Fleshed out
Swedish Germanic 9 Million Resource-only
Turkish Turkic 83 Million Short
Ukrainian Slavic 45 Million Short
Welsh Celtic 500 thousand Short