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Cornish (Kernewek, Kernowek) is a Brythonic language, similar to Welsh and Breton, spoken in Cornwall the south west peninsular of the United Kingdom.

A map showing the westward decline of Cornish, 1300–1750

Unfortunately, the language underwent a severe decline as it was pushed west by English, and by the late 18th century it had ceased be a communal language and only spoken amongst farmers, fishermen and miners. The decline of these industries through the 19th century resulted in the practical death of Cornish beyond its use by hobbyists and poets.

The current revival is stated to have began with the publishing of Henry Jenner's book A Handbook of the Cornish Language. In the past few decades, the revival has gone from strength to strength with the rise in awareness of preserving Cornish Culture coupled with the distributing power of the internet.

After the 2011 census, it is estimated around 600 people use Cornish as their main language, and up to a further 5000 has varying skills in the language.







  • Cornish Oafs - A comedic introdution into Cornish by two geet lunatics.
  • Tamm an Tamm - Series of videos teaching Cornish. (Currently unavailable.)



Course Books

Reading Material


  • Skype - Cornish Language File.
  • Minecraft - Available in Cornish since version 1.5. Translation still at 85% feel free to contribute here.
  • Disqus - Available for Cornish translation here.
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