Wikia/Fandom has a lot of tools to make and edit pages, which may overwhelm you at first. This guide will help you use those tools, in particular for editing the /int/ language learning Wiki.

Editing a Page Edit

To edit a page, all you need to do is click the blue button at the top-right of the page you want to edit that says "EDIT". Doing so opens the edit menu

Creating a page Edit

Creating a new page is as easy as clicking a button. There's a button on the blue banner at the top right of this page(or any page on the wiki) that says "ADD NEW PAGE" clicking it opens a pop-up prompting you to name your new article, give your new article a new, then click "NEXT" at the bottom of the pop-up. Please make sure that the language you're looking for doesn't already have it's own page under a different name.

Language guides Edit

There are generally no rules to editing and creating language guides, nor is the use of any template strictly enforced.

some examples of well-made pages: German Finnish Icelandic

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