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A Meme Language is a language that by many is considered to be a meme, or a meme to learn. "Meme" is poorly defined but in this case a meme language denotes a language that has at least one (preferably multiple) of the following traits:

  • Few native speaker and little (accessible) input
  • Very low popularity with (Anglo) learners
  • Disputed existence, in other words, most people consider it a dialect of a larger language
  • A "funny factor" that often leaves it mocked
  • High difficulty (for Anglo learners)

Meme languages are worth considering if you don't want to learn a mainstream language, like Spanish or Japanese. Native speakers will be more enthusiastic about you showing interest in their culture, and there may be a lot for you to discover that you otherwise wouldn't know about. You could discover good but untranslated literature. But unfortunately meme status often comes with few resources.

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