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Paon1 Paon1 21 April 2020

Learn Korean numbers

Korean Numbers. 

Korean numbers are actually very easy once you get the hang of them. But, because they are so different from English numbers, it is often hard for English speakers to fully understand them at first.

First thing you need to know, there are two sets of numbers in Korean: The pure Korean numbers and the numbers derived from Chinese (called Sino-Korean numbers). Let’s look at the Sino-Korean numbers first, because they are easier:

Sino-Korean Numbers .

These are the Sino-Korean numbers as provided in Vocabulary:

일 = one

이 = two

삼 = three

사 = four

오 = five

육 = six

칠 = seven

팔 = eight

구 = nine

십 = ten

백 = one hundred

천 = one thousand

만 = ten thousand

With only those numbers, you can create any number from 1 – 10 million. All you need to do is pu…

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